Scriptures of the Black Seas
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Through blackest seas comes this collection of music from dark futuristic visionaries Flesh-Resonance. Embracing multi-cultural past and present, they continue to push back musical boundaries, capturing the darkness and the hope that lies within us all.

“Sails its audience over the turbulent waters of their
subconscious, through various kinds of dreams and nightmares.
It is a diverse, intense, and beautifully arranged work of electronica.”
– AJ Detisch, USA

Alchemy Rewritten >> the remixes volume 1Alchemy Rewritten >> the remixes volume 1
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To change and rearrange…words that perfectly encompass what lies within this album. These songs are more than mere remixes – they are re-imaginings, distorted & twisted reflections, new realities of existing & familiar sound…this is alchemy rewritten.

“I can’t get some of the tracks out of my head, truly great stuff.”
– John Birmingham, USA

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Aeon shows the true diversity of the band’s dark futuristic approach to music. This release features 5 tracks & runs just under 30 minutes.

“Moody. Atmospheric. Flesh-Resonance taps into the roots of older electro/gothic music of past bands and keeps it relevant.”
– Christopher Duvall, USA

The Feast Of Shadows
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The follow up to their debut album sees Flesh-Resonance continue on their journey of dark electronic metal. At times soothing and emotional, at other times distorted and industrial, this album holds many twists and surprises for the listener.

“The style is reminiscent of prog masters Can and Faust; moody, dark, with soaring guitars and synths, samples
and thumping bass lines.”
– Patricia Mann, Australia

The Dark Between The Stars
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Dark futuristic music for the 21st century. Unafraid to cross the boundaries of set genres and willing to step into the realms of the experimental, Flesh-Resonance effortlessly drift through acoustic, electronic, rock and industrial styles with ease.

“This is more than just another electro-rock album,
it’s an adventure for the ear !!!”
– The Original Sin zine, Belgium

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